Here at Palmers garage in Exmouth, we are able to supply and fit a wide range of tyres for your car, van or 4×4. We will talk through your needs to find the right tyre for your budget.

We stock many tyres in stock and can be fitted same day or as part of your car or van service and MOT test.

Puncture repairs

If you have a puncture, we can offer a puncture repair instead of having to buy a new tyre. The repairs will mean you can extend the life of your tyre though it is important to not run flat on any deflated tyre as this may mean we cannot offer a repair.

Wheel alignment

Mis-aligned wheels can decrease the life expectancy of your tyre. Over the months and years of driving, all cars and vans will have mis-aligned tyres by varying degree’s meaning, that your tyre will be scrubbing on the road, decrease the life expectancy due to increased wear and tear. Improperly inflated tyres will also suffer this problem so checking your tyre pressures is also key alongside a wheel alignment.