If you think you may have a problem with your exhaust, it is important to get it checked out straight away. Symptoms to look out for with a problematic exhaust include:


  • Rattling – if you hear a rattling noise from your exhaust, this could indicate a loose bracket holding the system in place.
  • Roaring – if your car sounds like it is “roaring” and you have a different, louder tone from your car, this could indicate a potential problem with the silencer or a corroded exhaust system.
  • Hissing or popping – this could indicate that part of the exhaust system, either the pipe or muffler, has corroded and/or has a hole.

Visual appearance

If you can see rust or holes in your exhaust system, it is advised you get this checked out as it could indicate a problem.


Even though seeing blue or white smoke might indicate a direct problem with the exhaust, it could indicate a problem with your engine:

  • Blue smoke – this could indicate a problem with the engine as this is a sign of unburnt oil getting into the exhaust.
  • White smoke – this is normal when you first start your car, especially on a cold day but if the smoke continues to show, it could indicate a problem with your coolant system leaking. Depending on where the leak is, determines how serious the problem is but, you should ask us to check it out for you.

As with all strange noise, rattles and shakes with your car or van, it is important to get it checked out early to avoid any further, and more expensive damage to your vehicle. With exhaust systems, it is especially important as a broken exhaust could mean a build-up of dangerous gasses inside the car/van. If you are at all unsure, the Palmers Garage team, in Exmouth, are here to offer our years of advice.