Unexpected problems

We understand that when your car goes wrong it can be a stressful time.

When your vehicle is in for repair at Palmers Garage we try to keep inconvenience to a minimum, we will do all we can so that you can carry on with your day to day business as planned.

Helping you understand the problem

At Palmers Garage we always explain everything to you clearly so that you can understand any problems your car may have.

Our customers are always welcome to view their vehicle whilst on the ramp so that we can show and explain any issues in more detail.

By understanding the fault, we feel you will be more confident in the work that is required.

Transparent policy and keeping you in the loop

Here at Palmers Garage we run a totally open service, our prices are highly competitive and are transparent, we retain old parts for customers to view and explain reasons for their failure, we will offer you options where possible and our advice and will always be in your best interests.

We will always keep you informed at every stage, no matter what your car is in for, we keep you in the loop!

If there are unexpected problems we will always inform you before we do any additional work so there are no unexpected surprises when you collect your vehicle.

Call us today to book an appointment on 01395 270008 or email: info@palmersgarage.co.uk